AVEENO® creates skincare solutions to nurture and balance you from head to toe. Our 70-year history as a wellness pioneer has earned the respect of health care professionals around the world, beauty editors, and most importantly, users of AVEENO®.

Our Mission

At AVEENO®, everything is rooted in our belief that balance is the key to well-being. That’s why we use ground-breaking science to transform nature’s ingredients into products that rebalance and renew your skin. With clinical results to prove their effectiveness.

All our products have been designed by combining the best of science and nature. We carefully cultivate our natural oat in ideal conditions, then harvest it in an eco-friendly way. Our activation process keeps the goodness of nature without excess heat or unnecessary chemical solvents. That means our natural oat is pure and potent.

 Finally, we balance our formulas and put them to the test. Through extensive testing, we get proof that our oat-based products gently cleanse and moisturise, for skin that looks and feels healthy.

Formulated to help care for and protect skin, all the AVEENO® products are:

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Aveeno® Calm+Restore


 AVEENO® harnesses the goodness of nature and the power of science to keep your skin looking healthy and feeling balanced. To learn more visit:

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